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This is ur page! So send us an email @ with ur comments! thanx xxx

Kylie, 15, San Gwann
OMG!! I love "It's All I Can Do" so much!! This is soo much better than "Bestfriend/Lover" although i like that one too!! I really can't wait to here "We're 6teen"...and it wud be gr8 if an album came along one day =)
Felix, 13, B'kara
I'm obviously goin to d marathon cos i go to that school! Kieran, I always see you walkin past me on a mornin and i say hello but u never talk back! Why? Im ur No.1 FAN! =(
Louisianna, 16, Mosta
I love 6teen so much!! I saw Kieran yestday on the bus and i literally MELTED!! and i saw Justin the other week and i melted again!! Oh god i feel like an ice cream under 40 degrees hehe =)

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